New Year's Resolution-Get that colonoscopy you have been putting off

New Year's are often the times when we self-reflect what can we do to improve our health. Is it go to the gymn more to get in better shape? Is it a new to diet to  lose weight? Or is it go to the doctor for my annual check-up to make sure that everything checks out?


I am sad to read Kirstie Alley's obituary that she passed from colon cancer. If only, she had had a colonoscopy this could have  been prevented. If you are 45 or over or have a family history of colon cancer and never had a colonoscopy, the new year may be the time to finally get yourself checked. A colonoscopy is a thirty minute exam that could save your life.

Jeffrey Crespin, MD Clinical Assistant Professor at NYU MD, MBA, AGAF, FACP

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